Custom Made Home Colonic Board

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table side view with legs, elbow rests and flow channel - Australia - James Health 1000 Plus

Performing Home Colonics
If you’ve ever performed a home enema or colonic one of the main problems you come up against is equipment.

How good is the set up. How easy is it to clean and maintain. Is it easy to store when your not using it.

Daily life is pretty busy so whatever you use has to be quick to set up. Otherwise all your good intentions will go out the window. You know in your mind you want to perform regular enemas or colonics. But sometimes it just takes to long to set up . So you don’t do it.

With anything in life the system has to be simple so that its easy to repeat.

So we have devised a colonic/colema board which we hope will inspire you to keep up the good work.

We don’t sell them we just devised our board for personal use.


So what is this articles about.

Basically to explain the difference between enemas and colonics and then to focus in on Colonic boards and what to look for when you purchase one.

The difference between an enema and a colonic.

An enema is a short and sweet quick lower colon clean out when you just use water. It can be performed in as little as 5 minutes when your kit is set up and you have everything ready to go. Our kit has a permanent residence set up in our bathroom.

A coffee enema takes approx 20 minutes from start to finish. That means from walking into the bathroom to leaving the bathroom. In a coffee enema you hold in your colon a quantity of coffee enema solution for around 7-15 minutes. While inside you the caffeine stimulates the gall bladder to crate more bile assisting with your bodes natural cleansing process.

A colonic can take up to an hour and is generally done with water. However it is possible to perform a coffee colonic also. In a colonic the water enters and exits the body cleaning most of the colon of any excess feaces. Thus taking a lot of stress off the body. During the process you don’t need to hold the liquid in you for any length of time. You just go with whatever your body wants. The water tends to have a natural in and out flow. Whereas coffee enemas you hold the coffee in your colon for a length of time before allowing your body to excrete it.

Colonic equipment

With colonics you usually have a board and a bucket with a hose attached to the base of the bucket. The bucket can be anywhere from 10-20 litres. You prop your colonic board one side on the toilet and the other on a chair or stool. Then you fill your bucket with body temperature water and place it about 75cm above your board. Ready to begin your colonic.

Having performed colonics and enemas for many years I feel well educating in the varying types of boards available on the market with many of their pros and cons.

Here is an image which shows a general set up. The guy seems pretty chirpy but the set up is definatley not ideal.

I don’t know who this guy is. I grabbed this image off the net. But it shows the type of equipment a lot of people use.

Colonic board set up average set up example



Plastic – Cons

The majority of boards are plastic which feel cold and uncomfortable.

Plastic – Pros

They are cheap and easy to clean. Washing off in the shower easily.

Size – Cons

The majority of boards are too short. When you lie on them your feet tend to be right at the end or slipping off during the process. On the other end your head quite often is right at the top or for me tends to be completely off the top end. Another of the downsides to these boards is the width which has your elbows slipping off throughout the colonic.

This element of size is probably my biggest gripe as during the process you want to relax and focus on the colonic and what your body wants. Listening closely to whether you need to expel or relax and hold a bit more. The more you have to shift around to remain positioned on the board detracts from the task at hand.

Size – Pros

Storage space. Smaller boards allow for ease of storage. Tend to be lite weight and easy to move in and out of position.


I enjoy performing colonics. I relax. Massage my tummy. Really feel the water going in and out and cleaning thoroughly. I always feel good after doing a home colonic. Especially the next day. For me having the right equipment really helps. You can go to a colonic clinic if you don’t have your own set up. However you will save yourself a small fortune by doing home colonics. You can relax in your own space, put on some music and candles and when your finished hop into bed for a good nights sleep and it cost you next to nothing.

I have some images here to help choose a suitable home enema board for you so you can be well informed about what is possible.

Firstly our board is wooden. It has a very natural feel when you look at it and when you lie on it. It feels and is very sturdy. It is completely sealed so it can be washed thoroughly.

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table side view

It is longer in the body to allow the whole body to fully relax. We actually designed it with the alexander technique in mind. The alexander technique focus on body lengthening and good posture.

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table Top down full length

At the bottom end of the board there is extra space so that your feet relax soles fully on the board.

At the sides of the board we have some wings to allow your elbows to be gently placed. This again is related to the alexander technique. This allows the elbows to be placed and the hands gently resting on the hips.

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table Elbow wings

Down at the toilet we have raised pieces with slightly spongy material so that your buttocks can sit snuggly against them. This is more comfortable and creates a seal so that all waste is targeted down the toilet.

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table side Down angle


Finally we have a stand that is attached to the back of the of the board that swings down and locks into position to hold the board up at the correct height. It is very sturdy and helps you to set up very quickly and feel relaxed during the process.

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table Legs

Custom Made Wooden Colonic Table Back viewIf you are beginning your home colonic journey you can take these points into mind when choosing your board.

The board is everything. The more suitable the board the better your colonic will be.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions. It can be a little daunting when you first start home colonics. But I promise it soon becomes easy and enjoyable.

Wishing you health, vitality and happiness.