Daily Cleansing Rituals

Our body is in a constant process of cleansing. Every second of every day. Each time we breath the body is expelling what it doesn’t want.

Any time we go to the toilet the body is expelling. It is a remarkable machine that wants to be clean and in perfect running order. That is why the kidneys, liver, lungs, gallbladder, blood system, (the list goes on), are constantly working to purify our bodies.

The problems occur when we overload the system and our body can’t keep up expelling what we put into it.

Much of what clogs up our system is our own doing through excessive food, alcohol, smoking etc.

However lots of the pollutants come from living in cities. Our drinking water generally has added man made chemicals which build up in us. Walking the streets breathing in exhaust fumes. All compiling on top of each other until we can no longer keep up with cleaning naturally.

That is why the need to eat clean, exercise regularly and follow daily routines of added cleansing rituals which are vitally important to assist our bodies. Most people brush their teeth daily. Here are some activities which should be added to your day/week.

Some of the simpler ways to help our bodies clean themselves

  1. Firstly limit what you put into your body by only taking medication when absolutely necessary. (Every medication has some adverse side effects. Read the labels for a good scare).
  2. Eat clean.
  3. Use a neti pot to clean out the sinuses
  4. Colonics are great, Enemas are quicker and simpler for daily practice.
  5. Enemas  – These help to assist your body to flush toxins and other impurities out of the body.
  6. Colonics – help by really cleaning out the colon.
  7. Scrape your tongue – The body eliminates a lot via the tongue. You’ll find your breath is much fresher if you scrape.
  8. Body scrub in the shower. Get rid of all that extra dead skin and encourage blood circulation.
  9. Use a good toothbrush and jet water flosser to clean right in between your teeth.
  10. Sauna or Far infrared sauna. Have a good sweat and get some impurities out.

All of these activities can be apart of your daily routine to help your body help you. Your body loves you and wants you to have a great life.

Give it a hand and help it cleanse itself. Love your body and it will love you back.


Wishing you health, vitality and health.