Gratitude – The Secret and The Law of Attraction

Dictionary definition – 

Gratitude – noun – The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. Full appreciation.
Gratitude Band Bracelet Silicone

We have in our e store a little gratitude bracelet that has the power to help your life immeasurably.

It serves as a subtle reminder to be grateful throughout the day. Whenever you need its help your subconscious will make your eye catch it around your wrist. This is a reminder that you need to double check your thoughts and be grateful and thankful.
In the book, ‘The Secret’, the author Rhonda Byrne speaks passionately about how using gratitude daily transforms your life.

Their are 2 main reasons gratitude does this :-

1) Gratitude switches negative to positive. Hate to Love.

You cannot feel gratitude and be angry or upset.


2) Gratitude in the form of Thank You is a powerful emotion and expectation for the law of attraction. The law that brings your thoughts and desires into reality.

The law of attraction works infinitely better and quicker when we are feeling strongly in a loving positive joyous way about something. Also the law of attraction brings things into our life faster the higher your belief and expectation.


During your day if you are ever feeling negative, angry, disappointed or generally down you will spot the bracelet and be reminded to check your thoughts. You will probably find you have been having negative thoughts. At that point find anything in your life to be grateful about. This will instantly stop the negative chain of thoughts and begin you on a new chain of positive thoughts.

At that point once you are feeling better and are now in a positive state you can look at the negative thought. Relax. Refocus. Make the recognition that the negative thought is something you DONT WANT in your life and change it to something you DO WANT.

Whatever you do take gratitude with you everyday and live a fulfilling loving life.


Wishing health, vitality and happiness