HayMax™ – Relief from Airborne Allergens – Now available in Australia

As a website that promotes healthy, clean living we are very excited to be able to introduce to the Australian market a fantastic product from the UK called HayMax™.

What is HayMax?

HayMax is an Organic, Drug-Free, Allergen barrier balm.

HayMax is drug-free, non-drowsy and 100% organic which is fantastic for anyone looking to avoid drugs.

Whether it is hay fever season, or you have always had an allergy to animals or dust you can literally change your life with this great product.

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HayMax Organic Drug Free Allergen Barrier Balm - PURE
HayMax Organic Drug Free Allergen Barrier Balm

I first discovered this gem of a product while on a summer trip to Europe in 2008. I was visiting family near London. On one of the days we headed to Windsor Castle for some sightseeing. That day had a particularly high pollen count and my friends and family where suffering. Myself included. Watery eyes, runny nose, brain fog.

We wanted something to help ease our symptoms.

When ever possible my family and I will always choose a healthy drug free option if we need medication/treatment.

In hayfever cases it is not medicine that is normally prescribed by most doctors but over the counter antihistamines or a nose spray which quite often is steroid based.

As you will have seen from our site and our mission statement, we are predominately of the thought concept of cleaning the body and ridding it of the excess toxins that build up. So using standard allergy medications goes against our belief. Stop one problem by adding extra toxins to your body doesn’t make sense!


You always hope there is a better, healthier solution. For hay fever and other airborne allergies, thaymax-kids-with-new-rbghere is. HayMax.

I came across HayMax in a UK pharmacy. The product ticked all the boxes.

  • Organic,
  • Hayfever/allergy relief
  • Non ingested
  • Natural ingredients

But could it work and how does it work?.

So I bought a pot. (They are small, 5ml and easy to pop in your pocket). Headed home and jumped on the net to learn more.

This is what I discovered.

HayMax acts as an invisible barrier stoping a vast proportion of allergens from entering your body.

HayMax is applied to the rim of the nostrils. Super easy. Even kids can do it. As you breath the unique combination of beeswax and other organic seed oil ingredients capture most of the particles that cause irritation ensuring less enters your body.

In HayMax own words, ‘If there is less allergen in the body, there’s less for the body to react against. Less allergen – Less reaction (and for some people, none at all!)’.

Applied to the inside of the nostrils it acts like an almost invisible net or trap.

haymax-product-image-uk-aloe-vera-front-view-with-pot-rgb-copyIt is not a cure but a prevention. In my opinion prevention is always better than a cure. With the world getter busier and more hectic the amount of allergens in the air is only going to increase.

Haymax allows you to safely and easily block a large portion of these allergens.

We are very excited to be importing this product and to be able to offer it to all Australians.

To purchase HayMax from our site click here. Or click the product images to go to our online store.

If you are a retail outlet and you would like to stock HayMax please contact us on orders@jameshealth1000plus.com

For now have a little look at this video to get a full explanation of how this gem of a product works.