Vitality – noun

The state of being strong and active; energy.liveliness, life, energy, animation, spirit, vim, pep, brio,zest,zestfulness,sparkle,spark, effervescence, dynamism, passion, fire,vigour,forcefulness, ardour, zeal, relish,gusto, push, drive, punch,informal zip, zing, fizz, get-up-and-go, oomph, pizzazz, feistiness.the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

“everything about Nicola shone with vitality” (Dictionary Definition)


  • The description above taken from the dictionary describes the way Vitality should be. Read them again to really let the words sink in.
  • In these modern times with overloaded stress, long work days and less time to ourselves it can be hard to feel anything but tired all the time.
  • But we should feel vibrant and alive every day. This is how we want you to be and we will do everything we can to help you live a vibrant life.
  • We consider on our site that vitality is related to your bodies daily amount of movement.
  • As the old saying goes, ‘Use it, or Loose it’.
  • Finding time and making the choice to do some movement everyday can be hard. Especially when the couch is so comfy and the TV has great shows on. Plus getting back from work and feeding the kids leaves you basically wanting to crumple to the ground. Life is busy, fast and in may ways against you being energised and excited.
  • But it is possible to live a life filled with energy, focus and vitality.
  • We will try and help by guiding you with information so that your movement choices are simple and clear.
  • We have a system called “The ABC of Vitality”, which you can revert to whenever you loose track or feel confused about what will benefit your vitality.
  • In all of the following ways to move your body, assume that they are up to 30 minutes max. No need to do anymore unless you want to.


The ABC of Vitailty


Whenever you feel that your vitality is slipping away, come back to this page and follow the letters, always starting at the letter (A). Then move on to the next letter.

(A) WALKING – Go for a peaceful walk

(B) WALKING – Go for a faster paced walk

(C) THE 5 RITES  – Basic focus stretching exercises

(D) CYCLING – Relaxed and enjoy it.

(E) JOGGING – Gentle and peaceful

(F) SWIMMING – Do some gentle laps and then a few sprints

(G) WEIGHTS – Using your own body. Push ups, squats, pull ups, planks

(H) RUNNING/SPRINTS – 5 sets max – On soft ground e.g. grass/beach

(I) WALKING – Faster paced but still relaxed. Enjoy the world.

(J) YOGA/PILATES – Basic positions at first


(L) WEIGHTS – Using own body weight and free free weights

(M) SLEEP – Get good regular sleep.

By following the steps above always starting at A) you will notice you regain your vitality. It happens very quickly if you don’t stray from the guide. Don’t move on to the next letter until you feel ready. There is no rush. Take your time. It will pay you back over your life.

In the simplest terms – Short amounts of regular movement is what is the BEST FOR YOUR VITALITY.

At the end of the day your the only person who really cares about you. The TV companies want you to sit on the couch and watch commercials. But this wont fill your life with vibrancy and vitality.

We want for you to feel and be alive. Take a few minutes a today to move your body more.

Wishing you Health, Vitality and Happiness.