Meditation and swimming combined? – Total Immersion

Several years back I wanted to do my first Triathlon. But alas swimming was a bit weak for me. I was very confident at the cycling and running part. But the swimming was my achilles heal.Total Immersion Swimming Logo

Growing up I’d taken swimming lessons and even passed my life saving awards. But I wasn’t fast or pretty and I always felt like I was struggling through the water.

Living in Australia where swimming is the national sport I felt I would watch everyone fly through the water doing freestyle and flip turns. Where as I was happy to do my lengths all breast stroke.

One day at the pool I asked a guy who seamed to be ripping along how he swam so well. His response was, “I hate swimming its really hard. Im exhausted”. Well I wasn’t expecting that.

On the drive home I thought there’s got to be an easier way. Swimming is such a great form of exercise. It should be fun.

Plus I really wanted to enter this triathlon and do well.

So I began searching the web. What I found transformed my swimming life and I now officially love swimming.

The answer was Total Immersion swimming technique. Created by Terry Laughlin.

It taught me that swimming is 90% swimming technique and 10% exertion. Mostly a calm focused mind.


Have a look at this video to see the grace of swimming the Total Immersion way.

Total Immersion is a finely tuned focusing meditation exercise that glides you through the water.

Once the only thing I used to think about in the pool was getting from one end to the other. Now I enjoy the glide. Balanced and smoothly moving through the water with a sense of peace.

Swimming exercise and a focused meditation.

I did my triathlon and can honestly say that the swimming element has become an enjoyable part of the race.

Wishing you all Health Vitality and Happiness