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Our Philosophy and Promise

  • We genuinely care about You.
  • Your health and wellbeing is our number #1 goal.
  • We don’t claim to cure cancer but just want you to feel great everyday.
  • Our goal is to give you advice and sell/promote products that give you a DAILY feeling of health, vitality and happiness.

The story of JamesHealth1000-plus dates back to 1998. James injured his back playing golf. He over swung and twisted the vertebrae. Such a simple easy thing to do. But it left him unable to walk properly and in a lot of pain. Couch bound and in a bad way.

After many doctors and back specialist visits, reviewing scans and X-rays, it seemed nothing could be done. The recommended course of action was pain killers and anti inflammatories which caused bloating, skin breakouts and a general irritable personality. The doctors last course of action was to operate on the spine.

(We have the upmost respect for doctors and surgeons and what they are able to achieve under extreme situations. But if at all possible avoid surgery and drugs/medications).

A few weeks later his mother put forward a suggestion to see a naturopath. The naturopath placed James on a simple clean diet and within the next 2 weeks James was completely off drugs and was able to walk again.

Not only could he return to normal activities but he found he felt better about life in general. Thus began the investigation and growth of knowledge in health and wellness.

What does this mean for You reading this.

It came to James that all people should have the opportunity, more a human right, to the knowledge and education that leads to abundant Health, Vitality and Happiness.

If you do nothing more from this site than follow the GUIDES on HEALTH, VITALITY & HAPPINESS then you are on the right track. Wishing you all a genuinely vibrant lovely life.

This website is dedicated to you. Our readers and customers. To help with your health, vitality and happiness.

As the founder of JamesHealth1000Plus I consider us a very normal family just getting on with life. What I want for my family is what I want for everyone. A beautiful enjoyable life.