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Coffee Enema Grinds and how to choose the right roast strength for you.

Coffee piles in a row. Caffeine strengths and palmitic acid content? Weakest is the dark roast on the left. Strongest is the Light Golden Roast on the right. We suggest starting with James Health 1000 Plus - Medium Roast second from the left. Designed for coffee enemas

This article will help you understand the differences between Coffee Enema grind strengths and how to choose the right one for you. What coffee roast variety and strength should I use for my coffee enemas?.  How do you choose the correct coffee enema grind strength to give you the best results?. We receive these questions

Gratitude – The Secret and The Law of Attraction

Dictionary definition –  Gratitude – noun – The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. Full appreciation. We have in our e store a little gratitude bracelet that has the power to help your life immeasurably. It serves as a subtle reminder to be grateful throughout the day. Whenever you need its help your

Meditation and swimming combined? – Total Immersion

Several years back I wanted to do my first Triathlon. But alas swimming was a bit weak for me. I was very confident at the cycling and running part. But the swimming was my achilles heal. Growing up I’d taken swimming lessons and even passed my life saving awards. But I wasn’t fast or pretty